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Subject: DITA 1.3 User Assistance white paper ready for final approval

Hi Bob.


Attached is the updated DITA source for the white paper. I have addressed the review comments I received, the vast majority of which were editorial, so I think it’s ready to go. Could you please make sure the front matter is okay and produce a PDF for the committee to look at?




Chris Goolsby


From: Bob Thomas [mailto:bob.thomas@tagsmiths.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2016 3:39 PM
To: Goolsby, Chris <cgoolsby@ptc.com>
Cc: Dr. Stanley Doherty <stan@modularwriting.com>; dita-adoption@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [dita-adoption] Agenda: 05-09-2016 Adoption/TechComm Meeting


Hi Chris,


Your draft document is now in the DITA Adoption TC Kavi repository at Oasis. You should distribute the PDF to your reviewers as soon as possible (see the back of the cover for the official list). I made some changes to the bookmap to add a list of reviewers and to get it to comply with what the transform is expecting. I have attached both the PDF and the DITA source files to this message.


Best Regards,

Bob Thomas


On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 10:04 AM, Goolsby, Chris <cgoolsby@ptc.com> wrote:

I can't connect to the Webex.

Chris Goolsby

-----Original Message-----
From: dita-adoption@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:dita-adoption@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf Of Dr. Stanley Doherty
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2016 1:40 PM
To: dita-adoption@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [dita-adoption] Agenda: 05-09-2016 Adoption/TechComm Meeting

        DITA Adoption/TechComm SC Meeting Agenda

     Meeting Number: 201240602
     Meeting Password: ditatc

     1. Go to https://cisco.webex.com/cisco/j.php?MTID=m8c33283eaac954cd8be7c2cb62abeae6
     2. Enter the meeting password: ditatc
     3. Click 'Join Now'.
     4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

     (866) 432-9903 for the San Jose/Milpitas area
     (866) 349-3520 for the RTP area.

     To join the teleconference only:

     1. Dial into Cisco WebEx (view all Global Access Numbers at
     2. Follow the prompts to enter the Meeting Number (listed above) or Access Code
        followed by the # sign.

        DITA Adoption/TechComm SC Action Items
                from 04-25-2016
Stan - contact Mark and Jennifer to get particulars on where
       they need help on moving their learning and training
       content into whitepaper format.

Stan - Contact whitepaper authors to obtain DITA sources if
       those sources are not posted to Kavi.
     - https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita-adoption/DITA-Audit

Don - Assess how the MS Word source files for whitepapers can be
      converted to DITA.
    - https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita-adoption/DITA-Audit

Chris - Send CSH whitepaper into the ATC/TC review pipeline when ready.

Stan - Complete the "Listening Sessions" proposal with confirmed
       dates and locations in the Boston area.

Jenn  - Concall with Joe Gelb about URI-to-key conversion
JoAnn   technologies.

ALL - Review the whitepaper "wish list" candidate topics from CIDM NA.
    - https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita-adoption/Brainstorm

Stan - Ping Israel about his ability to stay involved.

Keith - As opportunity permits, explore moving some in-progress blog
        writing on the XML mention domain in progress into whitepaper

A. Discussions
1. Whitepapers in progress:

   a. CSH (Chris)
   b. DITA 1.3 A-Z (Keith)
   c. XML mention (Israel / Keith)

2. Whitepaper ideas from DITA North America
   - https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita-adoption/Brainstorm

3. Whitepaper source audit
   - https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita-adoption/DITA-Audit

4. DITA listening sessions
   - Slide template(s)
   - https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita-adoption/download.php/58014/OASIS-DITA-Adoption_listening-session_template0.ppt
   - Dates and hosts:
     > Wednesday, June 01 - Confirmed (Pega Systems, Cambridge)
     > Wednesday, June 08 - Confirmed (IBM, Littleton)
     > Wednesday, June 15 - In negotiation (Metro West)

B. Administration
   > May  23
   > June 06
   > June 20
   > July 04 ???? Cancel???



Bob Thomas

+1 720 201 8260

Skype: bob.thomas.colorado

Instant messaging: Gmail chat (bob.thomas@tagsmiths.com) or Skype

Time zone: Mountain (GMT-7)


Attachment: UAwhitepaper.zip
Description: UAwhitepaper.zip

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