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dita-adoption message

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Subject: Action Items - DITA Adoption TC Meeting - 04-10-2017

           DITA Adoption TC Action Items 
Attendees: Stan, Keith, Don, Scott
Regrets: Joe, Kathy
AI/Keith - Work with Haimeng "Keith" Cai to get the 
updated MS Word version of his Simplified Chinese 
translation of Leigh White's scoped keys whitepaper. 

AI/Keith - Touch base with Kris and Robert about 
their feedback on the DITA 1.3 A-Z whitepaper.

AI/Keith - Get edits to Deb Bissantz on her DITA 
Style Guides whitepaper.

AI/Stan - Ping Kathy about the drop dead date for 
our submitting <1MB PDFs of Adoption whitepapers  
for the CIDM DITA NA conference.

AI/Stan - Submit the approved PDFs at the last 
possible minute:
- MAYBE - DITA A-Z (Keith)
- MAYBE - XSL and DITA (Leigh)
- MAYBE - DITA Style Guides (Deb)
- MAYBE - Understanding Scoped Keys in DITA 1.3 
  (Simplified Chinese)
- YES - User Assistance Enhancements in DITA 1.3 (Chris)
- YES - Don't (XML) Mention It: Tagging XML 
  Constructs in DITA 1.3 (Keith)
- YES - Writing effective short descriptions (Keith, Joe)
- YES - About the DITA 1.3 release management domain
- YES - Understanding Scoped Keys in DITA 1.3 (Leigh)
- YES - Migration Roles
- YES - DITA 1.3 Troubleshooting

AI/Stan - Poll the list for ATC members attending DITA 
NA and available to present/help with the Tuesday
01:30-03:00 block on listening sessions.   
- Current participants: Stan, Keith, Scott, Joe

AI/Set up a concall (soon) to review the DITA NA 
"What are doing to help?" slides for those people. 

AI/Keith - Update the "Listening Session" PowerPoint 
template for the Conference. 

AI/Stan - Update and re-post the conference flyer with:
- Final PDF titles (on the conference app)
- Twitter account for ATC
- ATC members (but no emails)
- RESTful URL for the ATC site 

REMINDER: No ATC meeting on Monday, April 24. 

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