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dita-adoption message

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Subject: Action Items: 06-05-2017 DITA Adoption TC Meeting

           DITA Adoption TC Action Items 
Attendees: Stan, Scott, Keith 
Regrets:   Kathy
Action items:
1. Keith - send Stan pre-release copies of his MDITA topics. 
2. Keith - forward to the list a link to the "DITA Satisfaction 
   Survey" webinar.  DONE
3. Stan - forward his CIDM webinar proposal about Markdown/DITA 
4. Stan - forward a link to the ATC charter to the ATC list. 
5. Scott - touch base with OASIS about enabling our JIRA ATC

1. Keith - Chet Ensign suggested posting the Chinese 
   white paper translations to Yahoo. 
2. Keith - Waiting for additional technical feedback on 
   DITA A-Z.
3. Keith - Deb is incorporating some feedback that she got 
   at DITA North America to her DITA Style Guide whitepaper. 
4. Keith - DITA Online Listening Session:
   > CIDM to host and promote 
   > Considering multiple sessions during the week of July 17.
   > Organize by time zones? - Europe/Eastern-NA, Central-NA,
   > Organize by continent? - Europe, NA, APAC
   > May need to consider putting a cap on the number of online
     participants. Can't overload the individual company 
5. Stan - ATC should consider requesting that the TC send the
   LwDITA committee note to the ATC for formal review. Although
   there is overlap between ATC and TC members, the ATC should be 
   looking at it from a different perspective. 
   - See ATC charter about formal reviews of TC work products. 
6. Keith - The TC and ATC should consider developing a joint 
   publication about long-term adoption/migration:
   - Should organizations wait in adopting DITA 1.3 until DITA
     2.0 is ready?
   - How can organizations adopting DITA 1.3 in the short run 
     prepare for DITA 2.0?
7. Keith - dita.xml.org is moving to its new site with updated 
8. Keith - We may have a company willing to donate the money 
   to host a Disqus site (https://disqus.com/) for DITA discussion.

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