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Subject: plan for the next 7 months

Ann's summarized the plan that was clarified at the F2F meeting at STC in Dallas last week. Here are my notes summarizing that summary :->
Three white papers
1. Aggregated editing -- review next meeting 5/24 then to TC (Steve, close to ready)
2. Business case -- DITA in the business world (Ann & Michael, end of June)
3. Expanded BusDocs solution (TBD-abstract layer, perh. specializations) (Rob)
Common reusable components in all three documents, to reduce dependencies on reading a prior document:
- Use cases
- Short business case section
- Glossary of terms
Solid by end of summer, beginning of Fall, EOY open discussion & evangelizing on a broader basis with vendors, at conferences, etc.
[Report to the DITA TC might be in June or July, guessing. We could request to make a report on a particular date, and that would give us a firm date that is in our control.]

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