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Subject: paper: future of DITA

I have started drafting something on the future of DITA. The idea is to use this as a vehicle for getting the work of this subcommittee out through the Adoption TC without having to set up a BusDocs SC of that TC. The title is something like "A Framework for Specialization". We've discussed the concept of presenting guidance through the Adoption TC so adopters don't have to wait 3-5 years for DITA 1.3 (assuming the DITA TC addresses the issues there). If you're concerned about how the TC will respond to our findings, as a member of the Adoption TC I would take the blame for 'leaking' WIP of this SC; if they end up liking the approach, the SC would obviously take the credit. I think it's important to move it forward.
In the last TC call yesterday I mentioned that I was doing something for the Adoption TC on the future of DITA and someone (Kris?) said that Eliot was doing something similar. They mentioned another person, but I obviously misheard the name "Joe Gellner" because there is no such name in the archive for the dita alias. If they're amenable to collaboration and have something in draft already, my essay could be a section of something larger; or it could be one of a series on the theme.
Comments on the general notion before I have something ready for review?

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