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Subject: Rob Frankland Requests Membership in OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture TC

Rob Frankland of Rascal Software wishes to join OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture TC. He or she is eligible for membership based on membership rules for this group.

Please visit http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita/manage/pending_request.php to evaluate this request and to see all of the other pending requests to join this group.

Additional information entered by Rob Frankland in support of his/her application:

I am President and CEO of Rascal Software that creates and sells XML-based authoring tools. Our next product will support a number of standard DTDs and XML schemas. We have long felt that DITA is a very effective DTD for our customers which has been reinforced by conversations with them. Our goal in joining this TC is to help in the process of making DITA an OASIS standard that we see our customers using to great benefit.

Thank you,

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