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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: hedley.finger@myob.com

I note that in an <image> element you can specify the maximum size of an image with the height and width attrs (but what are the units?).

May I suggest an alternative <scale> attribute, where the value 1.00 is equivalent to 100 percent, so that the size is then the natural size of the graphic (PNG, JPED, etc.) times scale.  And if a graphic is already scaled in by its generating application, <scale> would be applied to the prescaled size specified by the app, not the unscaled size.

Or was the intention to require the XML authoring application to provide scaling in the user interface as the graphic was imported/referenced, which scaling would be translated to the appropriate height and width values?

Aside: How does one import SVG graphics into DITA docs, since SVG graphis are also also XML documents conforming to their own schema?

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