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dita-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: anton.douche@ilign.com

Name: Anton Douché
Organization: i-lign
Regarding Specification: 1.1 Requirements Review

Additional issue (wishlist item) not already listed.

This could be somewhat related to issue 39, but I couldn't quite be sure.

It would be good if the actual markup elements (eg HTML/XHTML/XSL-FO elements) produced by the DITA stylesheets could be seperated from the XSLT logic a bit more.

We would like to customise the output markup, but the XSLT processing logic can be quite involved and editing them directly puts you at a disadvantage when it's time to merge in upgrades to the stylesheets when a new DITA toolkit is released.

One related process that could possibly be used to base this separation on is the localisation of strings. Of course localising strings seems much easier than localising the output markup.

Thanks for listening :)

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