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Subject: Feedback to the roadmap information type review request

Hi Seth, 

With respect to the information type items: 
Without thorough investigation I can already inform you that MathML is 
very relevant and should be high on the priority list. 
Producing formula like information is currently best done in graphics 
which is not very user friendly and better solutions are needed. 

Pulling register and memory map data from SPIRIT data to human readable 
(HTML?) data is rightfully on priority spot 1. 

I think what should be done next is all SPIRIT captured information which 
is also needed in user documentation. 
Then, measured/specifying data - signals, electrical (DC/AC 
Product mechanical (thermal, mechanical) I would put last as this is less 
critical, however you may decide higher as it prevents "dumb"copy work. 

I did not miss specific topics. 

What I do not recognize in the list is the difference between the 
"purpose" of the data as is the philosophy of DITA. 
The reference data can potentially always be ReUsed from other systems or 
other documents. 
Tasks (instructions) are very likely activity coupled and therefore 
So are concepts. Often you find inside a program, explanations about the 
section to follow. These explanations may be usable in separate user 
manuals and have the character of a concept.

With respect to the planning: 
In the analysis I miss the target audience and the possible publication 

Is anything know yet about the target delivery dates? 

Constant Gordon

Support manager,
Technical Documentation Services
NXP Semiconductors

High Tech Campus 60, room 4-30B
5656 AG  Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Office Tel: +31 40 27 25351
E-mail: constant.gordon@nxp.com, www.NXP.com

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