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Subject: [dita-learningspec] The content of dita1.2-complete-11-December-2009.chmappears to be broken?

I have downloaded the DITA 1.2 Language Specification using the link:

However, on opening the Microsoft Help formatted file, the content tree is
displayed but all the links to the information are reported as broken. I am
using Windows XP service pack 2, and I have Internet Explorer 7 installed.

My questions are:
1) Please will the committee provide the language specification in a open
standard format (such as a plain HTML archive, or PDF)? This will also make
the language specification more readily readable for people on
non-Microsoft operating systems.
2) Please will the committee upload a useable ".CHM" file, or indicate what
mistake I am making which prevents me from reading its content?

Kind Regards,
Colin Coates

Senior Software Engineer,
IBM Rational | Learning Development | Analysis, Design & Construction.

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