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Subject: DITA 1.2 attribute domain naming conventions


Based on DITA 1.2 Spec Draft 2 (23 September 2009), the naming rules or 
conventions for attribute domains are a bit unclear. On "Vocabulary 
modules", the spec says:

"By convention, domain names end with "-d" and are kept short; for 
example, "ui-d" for the user interface domain and "pr-d" for the 
programming domain. Attribute domains are a special case, typically 
named after the attribute being defined, with the addition of "-a", 
"myprops-a" for a specialization of the props attribute."

Thus if we have an attribute domain for attribute newAtt, the domain 
name should be "newAtt-a". However, in "Attribute domain module coding 
requirements" the spec uses an example:

   <!ENTITY newAtt-d-att "a(props new)">

In this case attribute domain "newAtt-d" doesn't follow the "-a" suffix 
convention. The example should be fixed either to:

   <!ENTITY newAtt-a-att "a(props new)">


   <!ENTITY newAtt-a-d-att "a(props new)">

The spec doesn't mandate the entity names, but if the spec uses the term 
"by convention", the convention should be consistent throughout the spec.


Jarno Elovirta

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