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Subject: Re: [dita-comment] Issues with DITA 1.2 CD03: Obsolete file and brokencross-references

The problems with the obsolete file are fixed. I have completed the following actions:
  • Deleted keyref.dita
  • Corrected <xref> element in archspec/topicorientation.dita (" Disciplined, topic-oriented writing")
  • Corrected <xref> element in common/new-in_1_2.dita ("Appendix B.1.1 Changes from DITA 1.1 to DITA 1.2" )
  • Corrected <xref> element in archspec/ditalinking.dita (" DITA linking" )
  • Corrected <link> and conref'd <p> element in thekeysattribute.dita (" The keys attribute")
I could not find any cross references to keyref.dita in c-terminology.dita (" DITA terminology and notation"). I both scanned the file and then used Book Structure Viewer to verify that the only <xref> elements that it contains point to locations internal to  c-terminology.dita.

I transformed dita1.2-complete.ditamap and confirmed that it ran without errors.



Kristen James Eberlein
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
Secretary, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Charter member, OASIS DITA Adoption Committee
+1 919 682-2290; kriseberlein (skype)

BECDDDED92C3B949A38F5BC4BF56D21F03DFA372@van-mail.jena.local" type="cite">
>From the attached report, it looks like we need to fix <xref>s in the
following topics:
- p. 17 and 18 " DITA terminology and notation" 
- p.  24 " Disciplined, topic-oriented writing"
- p. 52 " DITA linking"
- p. 1203 "Appendix B.1.1 Changes from DITA 1.1 to DITA 1.2" 

We might also want to delete the keyref.dita file so that people don't
accidentally link to it in future.


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