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Subject: DITA 1.2 <hazardstatement><messagepanel>

Hello All,


DITA 1.2 Committee Draft 0.2 contains the new elements <hazardstatement><messagepanel>. These contain the elements:

( (typeofhazard) then (consequence) (any number) then (howtoavoid) (one or more) )


Missing is an element <explanation> (any number).


Often, hazards are not obvious and/or occur under certain circumstances only. Then the reader must get some corresponding information. Such information however fits neither into <consequence> nor <howtoavoid>.


Could you please consider to include <explanation> (or something similar)? It probably needs the same content model and attributes as <howtoavoid>.


The Content model of <messagepanel> should then be:

( (typeofhazard) then (consequence) (any number) then (explanation) (any number) then (howtoavoid) (one or more) )



Johannes Graubner


Transcom. Ing.-Buero Johannes Graubner
Engineers for technical communication
- manuals - training - internet -


mailto:graubner@transcom.de        Tel. +49-179-66 55 215
http://www.transcom.de             Fax  +49-941-5992 95552


Humboldtstrasse 18,  07743 Jena, Germany

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