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Subject: DITA1.2: Query on <desc> element's content in a key referencing<link> element

Hi All,


I would like to have some additional input on section “ Processing key references” in the Specs_Review#5.


The specs say that For <link> tags with a keyref attribute, the contents of the <shortdesc> tag in the key-defining element should provide the <desc> contents.”

The question I have is how should DITA processors handle insertion of links in such a case. As per my understanding I have come to these conclusions for linktext and desc elements-

On insertion of <link> element the <linktext> element would automatically get the effective content from topicmeta’s <linktext> element. In case the element has been provided alternate text by the author, the processor should honour that and not bring in content from the topicmeta of the key-defining element.


Now coming to my question-

What should the processor ideally do with the linktext’s <desc> element if the topicmeta provides a <shortdesc> element.

Should the <shortdesc> element be pulled in automatically *every time* the links are created?

OR the <desc> element should be populated with content only when the user inserts the <desc> element and also in case where the topic has an empty <desc> element for that <link> element.






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