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Subject: About indexterm implementation

Dear DITA TC members,

I'm implementing DITA to PDF plug-in in DITA Open Toolkit. I found that
there are implementation guidelines in the indexterm section
in the DITA1.2 specification. For instance there are descriptions about
topic/topicmeta/keywords/indexterm and indexterm elements in topic/body.

However I noticed that there are another location that a author can
write indexterm elements in DITA. For instance:



I think the implementation should ignore indexterm elements in
bookmap/booktitle or bookmeta because they are usually outputted in the
cover of the publication and the cover usually does not has page number.

If the indexterm element exists in topic/title or
topic/shortdesc,abstract, I think they should be honored. My question is
the treatment of the ranged indexterm. If the ranged indexterm appears
in topic/title or topic/shortdesc,abstract what should I do?

<title><ph>Sample title<indexterm start="INDEXTERM_IN_TITLE">Sample
Indexterm in title</indexterm></ph></title>

If there are any implementation guidelines, please let me know. Or there
is no guidelines I think it should be written in the specification.


 Toshihiko Makita
 Development Group. Antenna House, Inc. Ina Branch
 E-Mail tmakita@antenna.co.jp
 8077-1 Horikita Minamiminowa Vil. Kamiina Co.
 Nagano Pref. 399-4511 Japan 
 Tel +81-265-76-9300 Fax +81-265-78-1668
 Web site: 

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