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Subject: multiple <steps> elements in general task



I’d like to suggest a change in language to the text on



The note on that page says

“Note: Beginning with DITA 1.2, the general task model allows multiple <steps> and <steps-unordered> elements. However, the default task model in the OASIS distribution (known as strict task) continues to allow only one <steps> or one <steps-unordered> element.”


The first statement in the note appears to be untrue. We have been unsuccessful in adding multiple <steps> elements to a general task. Our vendors confirm that this is not possible.


Can the committee please revise the language reference to eliminate this confusion?


Thank you,



Corinne Brzeski

Global Services Training & Documentation
GE: 262-574-8840 (4-8840)


Technical Documentation Lead, Codeworks

Cell: 414-510-5328




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