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Subject: Question about <dvrKeyscopePrefix>


I have a question about the specs.
Let's say there is a part of a DITA Map like this:

<topicref href="productFeatures.dita" keys="features" keyscope="branchKS">
  <ditavalref href="admin.ditaval">
  <topicref href="newFeature.dita" keyscope="childKS"/>

So there is a @keyscope named "branchKS" defined on the top topicref and a @keyscope defined on its child called "childKS".

There is a "dvrKeyscopePrefix" which will be used as a prefix for key scopes.

The specs says something like this:

    Enables a map author to specify a prefix that is added to the start of key scope names for each key scope in the branch. If no key scope is specified for the branch, this can be used to establish a new key scope, optionally combined with a value specified in <dvrKeyscopeSuffix>.

Will it be used as a prefix for all key scopes, both for "branchKS" and "childKS", or only for "branchKS"?

Also, if the keyscope "branchKS" would be missing, would the branch automatically behave as if a keyscope called "adminscope-" would be set on it?


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/>  XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

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