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Subject: Lightweight DITA: An Introduction Version 1.0 is now available for public review and comment

Overall, the introduction document is a good explanation. The examples of topics and maps in the different authoring formats are very helpful.


Is there a list of the DITA 1.3 elements (or categories of elements) NOT in LwDITA? Of course, it would not be too hard to figure that out, but for long-time DITA practitioners, it would be helpful to have a link to that list. A quick scan of such a list would help answer the question “How would LwDITA authoring be different in my content?” I understand that the primary audience for LwDITA is not long-time DITA practitioners, but as those practitioners understand LwDITA, they can find appropriate applications for themselves or for their non-DITA associates.




-Roger Hadley

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