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Subject: LwDITA comments

Looks great! So far, here's what I'm seeing ..

General observations

- For consistency, should this paper use the term "components" when referring to items like "Paragraph" and "elements" when talking about XML or HTML nodes (like "<p>")? In general the paper uses the term "elements" for both. Probably not terribly confusing to anyone, but technically "Paragraph" isn't an element (at least in my book).

- Since there's no image/@placement attribute, I'm assuming that a fig/image implies @placement='break' and an image alone would be @placement='inline'. If that's correct, it might be worth mentioning.

5.1.3 Example of an XDITA map

- Since map/title isn't allowed (yes?), it might be worth explicitly noting the need for map/topicmeta/navtitle (this is a little odd, no?).

- Also (might not be the right place for this comment) .. would be nice to have topicref/@processing-role so you can reference a resource-only submap of keydefs (since keydef is by default 'resource-only', I guess this isn't necessary, but seems like it would make the intent more obvious).

6 LwDITA tools

- Since other tools are listed, it would be great to also include DITA-FMx as an early adopter of LwDITA. Something like this ..

Adobe FrameMaker with Leximation DITA-FMx v.2.0.06 or later

    DITA-FMx 2.0.06 supports the authoring and publishing of LwDITA (XDITA) map and topic models in FrameMaker versions 7.2 through FM 2017.

7.3 DITA 1.3 attributes in LwDITA

- Need bold on "Filtering attribute" subhead within the table.

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