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Subject: Re: [dita-comment] Lightweight DITA

Dear Kevin,

We have received your comments on the Lightweight DITA: An Introduction committee note.  Thank you for your feedback.

The DITA Technical Committee and the Lightweight DITA subcommittee will process feedback on the committee note and take your comments under consideration.



Carlos Evia, Ph.D.
Director of Professional and Technical Writing
Associate Professor of Technical Communication
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0112

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 6:25 AM, JOHN, Kevin (NHS DIGITAL) <kevin.john@nhs.net> wrote:

Please find below our specific comments on Lightweight XDITA:

  1. LwDITA should be compatible with standard DITA editors using the current DTD's (e.g. v1.3) - the experimental versions out there are not compatible and require specialised DTDs to allow them to work with standard DITA editors.  This means that their topic files are not backwards / sideways compatible.
  2. The sole use of the <section> element as the resuable block to hold more than one element is limited and we believe that the <div> element should also be available (e.g. to allow the reuse of a block of elements within an <entry> etc).
  3. The ability for authors to apply their own bookmarks (using <indexterm>) would also be essential for larger publications.
  4. Whilst understanding that CALS tables are complex to program for and sometimes to render on smaller screens, their use for complex subject-areas where they can utilise more formatting options is essential for our use and would force us away from a strict use of LwDITA.
  5. The unique structuring of the <prolog> element compromises the use of metadata and again makes this area incompatible with standard DITA editors (e.g. we extensively use the <othermeta> element).
  6. The lack of  the <titlealts> / <navtitle> structure also compromises the use of short-form alternative titles for topics.

Otherwise we feel that the current Lightweight XDITA approach is generally very good and provides a workable basis for authors with only limited DITA understanding to participate in its use.

We are happy to discuss any of these comments and to provide further information, if required.

Kevin John
NHS Digital

Tel: 07899 842305 (Mobile no.)

General enquiries:
0300 303 5678

NHS Digital is the new trading name for the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)


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