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Subject: Re: [dita-comment] A question hazardstatement element @type

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your answer.

I understood that the pattern of each information is different,
If it write troubleshooting in the hazardstatement element, it is better to write it in the troubleshooting element.

Thank you,

On 2018/08/20 13:34, Bob Thomas wrote:
I wrote a whitepaper on DITA 1.3 for the DITA Adoption Technical Committee that you can download here. I recommend that you read the first three sections on page 4 through page 6. You may also find the example of note type=trouble on page 21 to be helpful.

Troubleshooting information follows a three-part pattern: condition, cause, and remedy. Hazards also follow a three-part pattern:Âtype of hazard, consequence, and how to avoid. The hazard pattern is more appropriate for hazardÂstatements than the troubleshooting pattern would be, so I do not recommend using note @type=trouble for hazard statements.

Best regards,
Bob Thomas

On Sun, Aug 19, 2018 at 7:44 PM, ããããããã æèç <aruga@antenna.co.jp> wrote:

Please tell me about the specification of @type ("trouble") of the hazardstatement element of DITA 1.3.
  • The specification of the @type value of the hazardstatement element is
    "Available values are note, tip, fastpath, restriction, important, remember, attention, caution, notice, danger, warning, other, and - dita - use - conref - target ." .
  • The hazardstatement element is a specialization of the note element. "Inheritance + topic/note hazard-d/hazardstatement"
  • We can specify "trouble" for the @type value of the note element.
Are there any special reasons for not including "trouble" in the value of @type in the hazardstatement element?

Best regards,

Bob Thomas
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