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Subject: DITA Help SC Meeting Postponed

Dear DITA Help SC members

I'm sorry to tell you we need to postpone the DITA Help SC meeting scheduled
for Thursday 19 June.

We have previously used the Sun teleconference facility, kindly organised
for us by Stan Doherty. Stan has left Sun to join a smaller technology
company, and we're not sure if we will be able to continue using the
teleconference. Stan has also "unjoined" from the TC in his Sun capacity,
and is in the process of rejoining.

Can we please reschedule this meeting for the following Thursday, 26 June,
at the same time (4:30 pm US EST)?

Does anyone have access to a teleconference facility that we could use if we
permanently lose the Sun facility? (A "Plan B" is to see if we can use the
IBM service that the TC uses.)

Tony Self

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