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Subject: "DITA Help" Term

Dear DITA Help SC members

Joe Welinske has raised an interesting and important point. We're loosely
using the term "DITA Help" as a shortcut for "using DITA to create Help
systems". One of the issues we need to investigate is whether DITA can be
used as a delivery format. 

We may find that over time, people may use the term "DITA Help" to mean just
what they choose it to mean, neither more nor less (with apologies to Lewis
Carroll). Vendors may use the label for marketing purposes: "DITA Help"
could be any permutation a vendor might want it to be. WebWorks could create
a transformation from DITA and call it "DITA Help", Scott Prentice could
package his AIR Help from DITA process and call it "DITA Help", and Adobe
could introduce a DITA Editor in RoboHelp and call that "DITA Help". 

Joe has suggested that the SC should think about attempting to define the
term. Can we discuss this at Thursday's telephone meeting?

Tony Self

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