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dita-help message

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Subject: Eclipse C-S Help demo

DHSC members,

Please review the document at the following link, which describes the 
Eclipse context-sensitive help extension that I'll demonstrate at the DHSC 
meeting today.


The last section in that document describes the DITA markup that we 
developed for context-sensitive help, using standard map elements and 
attributes, without specializations.

We (Sybase) are in the final stages of preparing a contribution to the 
DITA-OT open source project, a DITA-OT plug-in that implements the XSL 
transformations on our DITA context-sensitive help markup, to generate the 
context-sensitive help plug-in "companion" for an Eclipse doc plug-in 
(produced with the eclipsehelp transtype), as described in the DTP 
help-helper document.

Dave Resch
Technical Publications Solutions Team
303-413-4377 (sd 261-4377)

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