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Subject: RESEND: DHSC Best Practices First Edit [1 of 3]

Hi all --

Several of you did no receive the email that I sent to our DHSC email list last Thursday afternoon ... the OASIS mail server silently apparently choked on the attachments and reported no error. Tony confirmed that he did not receive it.

Anyway, here are the resends:
- 1 of 3: This email
- 2 of 3: Attaches an annotated PDF for Tony's topics
- 3 of 3: Attaches an annotated PDF for Scott's topic and
          Jeff's topic.

Good hunting ... sorry about the lost transmission. 


Hi all --

I have made a first editorial pass through the current Best Practices Guide.
It reads pretty well, actually. Funny how clear the writing can be when people know what they are talking about. If the attached PDFs did not make it through your mail server for some reason, please let me know and I will resend them individually to you.

If you agree with some or all of the edits, I recommend entering them into your topic(s) and re-posting your topic by next Thursday.

Here are the editorial judgment calls that I made in my edits ... we can review and/or reverse these next Thursday if you'd like:

Use ....                          Instead of ....
--------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
DITA Help                         DITAHelp
help system (lower case)          Help system
help topic (lower case)           Help topic
help delivery format (lower case) Help delivery format
plug-in                           plugin
run-time                          runtime
transforms                        transformations, transformers
web (lower case)                  Web
XSLT                              XSL-T
drop-down                         dropdown
ditamap (lower case)              DITAMAP

Tagging is pretty consistent ... I made suggestions about using <msgph> for mono filenames etc..

The thing needs a preface/intro of some sort. Otherwise it looks good.


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