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Subject: Proposed Last-Pass Changes for the Best Practices Guide

Hi all --

Sorry for being late on sending you my proposed editorial changes 
... no matter the industry, they always want to ship a product (and 
doc set) in the last two weeks of December. Yow!

Anyway ... if I hear no objections to the following, I'll have an 
updated, ready-to-review version of the BPG for Thursday. If 
something here is objectionable to anyone, I'll hold off on 
implementing that change until we can discuss it together Thursday.


P.S.The attached PDF is the most recent pre-edited version.
A. Rewording for consistency
1. shortdesc
2. End-of-topic author names/organizations/OASIS/email

B. Mechanics
1. Serial commas: Add a next-to-last comma in a right-branching
   series -- 
   - FROM: "He packed eggs, bacon and milk."
   - TO:   "He packed eggs, bacon, and milk."
2. Terminal periods within quotation marks ... when
   not a direct quotation, move the period inside
   quotation mrks --
   - FROM: That's a DITA "deal-breaker".
   - TO:   That's a DITA "deal-breaker."
3. Final spellcheck
4. Final grammar check

C. Legal
1. Copyright, Registered, and trademarked search and
2. Copyright page (hopefully from OASIS)

D. Navigation
1. Basic index entries for everything
2. Figure titles for all graphics
3. Table titles for all tables

E. Formatting/tagging
1. <msgph> for filenames
2. <cmdname> for command names appearing in running text
3. <codeblock> multi-line inputs and outputs

F. Rewrite
1. I propose a revision of the Resources section, boiling
   it down to a list of software resources, organizations,
   standards, etc.. URLs for  all.
   - As Tony mentioned, most of what is there focuses on
     out meeting dynamics and discussion. I can extract
     he non-redundant info into lists.


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