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Subject: RE: [dita-help] Name for Best Practices Document

Dear colleagues

So far, we have the following suggestions for the title of the "best
practices" document:

. Existing DITA Help Options 
. Survey of existing technology for DITA Help
. Practical Guide to Developing Help in DITA
. Current DITA Help Technology
. DITA Help Technology Survey
. DITA Help Technology Overview
. DITA Help Implementation Options
. DITA Help Implementation Overview
. DITA Help Development Guide

I prefer the ones starting with "DITA Help...". I prefer "implementation"
over "development", I think the document is too deep to be just an
"overview" (I think "guide" is a better word), and perhaps "options" is a
little wishy-washy. So my preferred option is probably none of the above,
but a new one:

. DITA Help Implementation Guide

What would everyone else vote for?


Tony Self

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