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Subject: FOR YOUR REVIEW AND APPROVAL: DITA Help Technologies Guide

Hi all --

The DITA Help Subcommittee submits for your review and approval 
Release 1.0 of our DITA Help Technologies Guide. We appreciate that 
members of the TC are swamped with DITA 1.2 specification work, but 
we hope that we could get your approval of this document 
in two weeks time (Tuesday, March 10). We plan to update this Guide 
every 3 - 4 months to keep it current. 

I have attached a PDF2 version of the document with Acrobat Reader commenting 
enabled. MS HTML Help and TOCJSBIS versions are available at:


Check out the nifty OASIS-branded HTML that Tony Self (Help Subcommittee chair)
has integrated with his WinANT tool. 

If someone with write privileges to the Adoption TC email list could forward this email and attachment, we would appreciate it.

Stan Doherty
DITA Help Subcommittee, Secretary


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