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Subject: Action Items From The 03/18/09 DHSC Meeting

Hi all --

I was able to capture action items from our meeting yesterday .... forgive/correct where necessary. :-)


ACTION ITEMS FROM 03/18/09 DITA Help SC Meeting

#  Owner             Action
-- ----------------- ---------------------------------------------
1  Tony/Stan         Poll the SC about optimal meeting times;
                      Wednesdays at 3:00PM/EST has at least
                      one conflict.
                      - Something as lightweight as Doodle might
                        do the job (http://www.doodle.com/).

2  Stan              Close the loop with dita.xml.org and/or
                      dita-users (Bob Doyle) about getting an
                      externally accessible email address for
                      community feedback.

3  Chris             Provide more info (even at an upcoming meeting)
                      about your map specializations for context
                      sensitive IDs and/or target windows.

4  Tony/Stan         Invite Robert Anderson (DITA OT Architect) to
                      join a future meeting of the SC to chat
                      about integrating Help-specific processing
                      with the DITA-OT.

5  Stan              Update the current build of the DITA Help
                      Technologies Guide with the constructive
                      suggestions that came out of all the DITA
                      TC approval discussions:
                      > Remove legal symbols from running text
                      > Integrate an updated version of the
                        Editorial Preface
                      > Integrate information that provides more
                        context for the document: document status
                        (versions, approvals, community feedback)
                        and authors/affiliations.
                      Update build: this Saturday/Sunday
6 All                Please review the draft of the Editorial
                      Preface in your INBOX; send feedback to the
                      list by COB/EST Friday.

7 Stan               Poll SC members via email about the meeting
                      consensus/resolution to withdraw the DHTG
                      from DITA TC and Adoption TC review and
                      approval before those TCs meet next week.

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