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Subject: Re: [dita-help] DHTG Followup Poll ... please read

I concur with the resolution, as stated below.

Dave Resch
Technical Publications Solutions Team
303-413-4377 (sd 261-4377)

stan@modularwriting.com wrote on 03/19/2009 08:11:02 AM:

> Hi --
> This email is a follow-up to a discussion and informal 
> consensus/resolution at the DITA Help SC meeting yesterday
> afternoon (03/18/09). The following motion was discussed 
> and affirmed by consensus of four meeting attendees.
> RESOLUTION: The DITA Help SC withdraws the current draft 
> of the DITA Help Technology Guide from both the DITA 
> Technical Committee and DITA Adoption TC for review and 
> approval. We will notify the TCs before they meet again.
> CONTEXT: The DITA TC has reviewed and discussed the DHTG 
> at two of its weekly meetings. At least two TC members 
> believe that the inclusion of information about DITA help 
> implementations by commercial vendors in an "OASIS-
> approved" document opens one or more parties to 
> perceptions of vendor bias and/or anti-trust legal 
> complications. The DITA TC has not voted to 
> approve/disapprove the current draft and has deferred the 
> issues of precedence and liability to the OASIS staff and 
> any counsel they choose to involve. The TC discussions and
> emails on these issues have been spirited and somewhat 
> fractious. In the face of a potentially protracted legal 
> review in OASIS, the likelihood of resolving this crisply 
> is quite low. Continuing to seek a vote from these TCs to 
> approve/disapprove the DHTG when they perceive that they 
> are not in a position to resolve perceived or real legal 
> issues is counterproductive. Let's withdraw the DHTG from 
> TC review, defuse the situation, and let the OASIS 
> staffers and lawyers establish/clarify relevant OASIS-wide
> policies. The TCs have other pressing DITA 1.2 business 
> and our SC has numerous initiatives involving features and
> gathering feedback from the Help community. It's time to move on.
> FEEDBACK: DHTG authors especially -- please email the list
> with your thoughts on this motion by Monday, March 23 by 
> 12:00PM/EST (noon). The DITA TC meets on Tuesday morning 
> at 10:0AM/EST. 
> Thanx,
> Stan Doherty
> Thursday, 03/19/2009

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