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Subject: Re: [dita-help] DITA Help SC Update to the DITA TC Next Week

Hmm .. I signed up to take notes .. and did jot some things down, but 
never sent them out. I'll do that shortly. I'm not able to make the TC 
meeting due to a meeting conflict.


stan@modularwriting.com wrote:
> Hi all --
> The DITA TC periodically solicits status from its subcommittees. It's 
> our turn to update the TC ... ideally next week.
> I am pretty comfortable reporting on meetings I have attended and 
> public email threads (e.g. "Start, Home, and Special Purpose Topic 
> References"), but I missed the meeting last Tuesday and have a gap there.
> Questions:
> 1. Anyone up to sending an email summarizing decisions or resolutions 
> from the last meeting?
> 2. Anyone else up for attending the TC meeting next Tuesday? Waving 
> the flag is probably
>     a good idea.
> Thanx,
> Stan

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