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dita-help message

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Subject: May 26 meeting minutes...

Hi All..

Sorry for the delay in posting these minutes.

Since we didn't have a quorum, should these still be posted to the OASIS 

See (hear) you on the 12th.



           DITA Help Subcommittee Meeting
               May 26, 2009 04:00PM/EST
                   Scott Prentice

- Balanza-Davis, Ian (Individual)
- Goolsby, Chris (PTC)
- Prentice, Scott (Individual)
- Self, Tony (HyperWrite Inc.)

Tony called the meeting to order at 4:14PM/EST.

1. Minutes
   a. Due to lack of a quorum, approval of meeting minutes will be postponed
      till the next meeting.

2. New member introductions
   a. None

3. Discussion on recommending spec changes for 1.3.
   a. Tony presented some proposed implementation scenarios for the 
      processing of context-sensitive Help:
   b. Other topics presented by Tony:
      - start/home pages .. we discussed options for implementation as 
        metadata and/or topicref attributes
      - context sensitive help metadata to be defined in topic
      - window specification
      - possible specialization of topics or elements for help-specific needs

4. Other
   - Scott volunteered to review the Help Technologies Guide for changes that 
     might bring it more in line with Su-Laine's suggestions.

5. Next meeting:
   - Date: Friday, June 5
   - Time: 04:00PM/EST

6. Close: The meeting adjourned at 4:45PM/EST.

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