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Subject: Struts and FreeMarker

Dear Colleagues

On the Yahoo! DITA Users group, Steve Traut posted about a context-sensitive
Help project that he implemented. He wrote:

"Earlier this year I implemented context-sensitive help support for our
application, which is a web app that uses Struts for logic and FreeMarker
for UI. In that context, links between help topics aren't relative URLs
pointing at topic output files, but Struts action calls. The link markup
passes a topicref ID to Java code, which looks up the topic's file name in a
DITA map, then displays the topic to the user."

Has anyone on the DITA Help subcommittee had previous encounters with Struts
and Freemarker? I'm not quite sure whether Steve's requirements were
peculiar to his project, or general to Struts. I've added this as an issue
to raise at Friday's meeting, too.

The full post can be read at: 


Tony Self

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