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Subject: RE: [dita-help] FW: DITA for the Web: Meeting invite for Wed Oct 21

Dear Chris

At the last DITA Help Subcommittee meeting, you mentioned that Arbortext
included a transformation that generated "flattened" DITA output, with
conrefs resolved into normal elements.

Can you please expand on that feature? If I have one ditamap and lots of
topic files, will that be transformed into one big database file, or will
the topics be preserved one-to-one? 

Are nested maps resolved into one map, or is the flattening only occurring
at the topic level?

To explain for those not at the last meeting, we were looking at DITA as a
delivery format for embedded user assistance such as field labels and tool
tips. An issue with using DITA in this way (as a delivery rather than a
source format) is that it is relatively difficult to resolve conrefs on the


Tony Self

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