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Subject: Next Meeting

Greetings, colleagues

At our last meeting three weeks ago, we started with Mark Poston's demo of
an XQuery based Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM), with a view
of conducting some minor regular business afterwards. With lots of questions
and discussion about the IETM, we never got to those business items, the
most important of which was to set the next meeting.

Since then, I've been trying to set up a demo for that next meeting, and the
two people I had in mind aren't quite ready to demo their wares yet. Does
anyone else have some interesting development, product or technique that
they would like to share with the Subcommittee?

I wonder if we might set the next meeting for Monday 29th March, which is
two weeks from now. Next Friday and next Monday are not good for those of us
who are going to the WritersUA Conference in Seattle. 

Speaking of conferences, is anyone else going to the CMS/DITA Conference in
Santa Clara in April?


Tony Self

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