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Subject: Subcommittee of DITA TC and Subcommittee of DITA Adoption TC

Dear Mary and Bruce

I think Bruce's revised scenario is more reflective of the intentions of the
DITA Help Subcommittee. 

Our approach will be to invite all of our subcommittee (of the DITA TC)
members to join the DITA Adoption TC, and propose the formation of a Help
subcommittee of the DITA Adoption TC. When the Adoption subcommittee is
properly formed, our members will join that subcommittee. There will then be
two Help subcommittees, one under the DITA TC and one under the DITA
Adoption TC, probably with the same office bearers. The membership of the
two subcommittees will be similar (but perhaps not 100% identical).

We will then run joint meetings of the Help Subcommittees, with the meetings
divided into matters concerning the DITA TC (specification change proposals,
etc), and matters concerning the DITA Adoption TC (best practices, etc).
There will be separate minutes, as the minutes need to be lodged in the
appropriate part of the OASIS Kavi system. (But the minutes may be
identical.) The idea behind the approach is that we reduce overheads and
time commitments required to participate, and have a homogenous approach to
issues relating to using DITA for Help.

The subcommittee(s) will report back to the DITA TC on matters concerning
spec change proposals, and report back to the Adoption TC on matters
concerning best practice.

Technically, there will be two distinct subcommittees, but practically we
will work as one.

I hope this clarifies our intended approach, and hope that this isn't going
to cause any concerns.


Tony Self
Chair, OASIS DITA Help Subcommittee

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