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Subject: Re: [dita-help] Subcommittee of DITA TC and Subcommittee of DITA Adoption TC

Each TC has a unique charter, and the activities of any subcommittee are restricted to the scope of that charter. The help subcommittee under the adoption TC would have a different description/deliverables than that of the main DITA TC. While you may choose to have back-to-back calls, the work items must remain separate and distinct, including minutes and work products.



On Apr 1, 2010, at 2:54 AM, Tony Self wrote:

> Dear Mary and Bruce
> I think Bruce's revised scenario is more reflective of the intentions of the
> DITA Help Subcommittee. 
> Our approach will be to invite all of our subcommittee (of the DITA TC)
> members to join the DITA Adoption TC, and propose the formation of a Help
> subcommittee of the DITA Adoption TC. When the Adoption subcommittee is
> properly formed, our members will join that subcommittee. There will then be
> two Help subcommittees, one under the DITA TC and one under the DITA
> Adoption TC, probably with the same office bearers. The membership of the
> two subcommittees will be similar (but perhaps not 100% identical).
> We will then run joint meetings of the Help Subcommittees, with the meetings
> divided into matters concerning the DITA TC (specification change proposals,
> etc), and matters concerning the DITA Adoption TC (best practices, etc).
> There will be separate minutes, as the minutes need to be lodged in the
> appropriate part of the OASIS Kavi system. (But the minutes may be
> identical.) The idea behind the approach is that we reduce overheads and
> time commitments required to participate, and have a homogenous approach to
> issues relating to using DITA for Help.
> The subcommittee(s) will report back to the DITA TC on matters concerning
> spec change proposals, and report back to the Adoption TC on matters
> concerning best practice.
> Technically, there will be two distinct subcommittees, but practically we
> will work as one.
> I hope this clarifies our intended approach, and hope that this isn't going
> to cause any concerns.
> Regards
> Tony Self
> Chair, OASIS DITA Help Subcommittee
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