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Subject: DHTG Reorg (part 2)...


Yes .. it's about time to revisit this topic once again. I've done some 
initial reorganizing and this is looking to me like it's going to work 
reasonably well. I hope to actually have a PDF for us to review at the 
meeting tomorrow, but thought I'd send out this TOC and explanation 
ahead of time.

Talk to you tomorrow.


For the Help Delivery Technologies section, I propose that we start with 
a topic that provides a table listing the types and compares the 
features. This could get tricky and may cause some political problems, 
but I think that if we can keep it really basic it could be useful.

After that topic would be subtopics for each technology type. I'm 
thinking that we could use the following format for each technology type 
topic (the initial topic would be short and simple, and all the same 
format so people can easily get the basic info) ..

- summary of what this technology is all about (no more than a few paras)
- DITA-specific issues with this format ??
- list of references for additional info (some links to tools below, 
others to external websites)
- list of tools/methods for creating this deliverable (starting with the 
OT, then the rest in alpha order). basically just the tool name followed 
by a para or two about that tool and how it's used to create this help type.

Any detailed information that we have that seem appropriate to a 
particular deliverable type would be subtopics of the "technology type" 

After the Help Technologies, would be a top-level topic titled "Help 
Development Tools and Techniques". This would contain subtopics for each 
of the tools that have been mentioned. Each of the "tool" topics would 
contain subtopics with information that provides tips/techniques for 
using that tool with DITA.

Then there would be another top-level topic titled "Help Development 
Techniques" which provides tips/techniques that may apply to all tools 
and deliverable types.

DITA Help Technologies Guide

    Editorial Preface
    DITA and User Assistance
    Definition of DITA Help
    Document History

Help Delivery Technologies
    Technology Comparison <<maybe included in the parent topic?>>
    Adobe AIR-based Help
        Leximation AIR Help Plug-in
    Browser-based Help
    Eclipse Help
        Eclipse Help
        CSHelp Plug-in
        Eclipse_CSH Plug-in for Dynamic Context-Sensitive Help
    Java Help
    Microsoft HTML Help
        Context-Sensitive Help Using the Enhanced HTML (htmlhelp2) Plug-In
        Context-Sensitive HTML Help Using the The DITA Open Toolkit
    PTC Arbortext Digital Media Publisher

Help Development Tools <<needs more tool sections added, I'd think>>
    DITA Open Toolkit
        Developing Custom DITA-based Help Systems
        HTMLSearch Plug-in
        TOCJS and TOCJSBIS Plug-ins
    Adobe RoboHelp
        Converting DITA Content to WebHelp using RoboHelp
    MadCap Flare
    PTC Arbortext Digital Media Publisher
        WinANT Options Supporting HTML-Based Output
        WinANT Options Supporting Microsoft HTML Help

Help Development Techniques
    Developing DITA-based Help for Existing Help Environments
    DHTML Effects in HTML Generated from DITA
    Dynamic Rendering of DITA into XHTML
    JavaScript-Based Context Sensitive Help



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