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Subject: Eclipse Installation

Greetings, colleagues.

I have made a start on a procedure to set up a standalone Eclipse Help system on Windows, with a sample installation zip file for testing. 

Provided you have Java installed, you should be able to run the Eclipse Help from a flash drive, provided you modify the batch file so that correct location of the installation is nominated.

I've also provided some explanations as to how to set a system up on a Windows server so it runs as a service.

The instructions are at:

A standalone Eclipse InfoCenter (40 MB) zip file is in the OASIS DITA Help documents area at:


If you download that zip file, and unzip it so the files end up in c:\eclipse_dhsc, you should be able to launch it by:

1. Running the batch file startinfocenter.bat.
2. Browsing to http://localhost:8083/help/index.jsp.

Some more work could be done on the batch files so that you don't have to manually update them with the Eclipse folder location as you have to currently. 

I'll continue working on these, but if anyone wants to try out the procedures, and the zip file, that would be a good way to unearth any gaps or errors in the instructions. Please feel free to modify the Wiki page at will.

Jeff, Bob and Stan, if you especially want to check my work and assumptions, I'd be most grateful.

If this proves to be helpful, we could move it to the Technologies Guide.


Tony Self

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