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Subject: Minutes from Meeting of 2 April

Greetings, colleagues.

Please find below the minutes of today's DHSC meeting. If you have any
corrections or additions, please let me know.


Tony Self

Meeting opened 4 pm US EST 2 April 2013

Roll call 
Ian Balanza-Davis
Kris Eberlein
Paul O'Rear
Chris Goolsby
Tony Self (Chair)
Scott Prentice
Dee Schur (OASIS)
Apology: Stan Doherty

Minutes of previous meeting
It was agreed to defer the acceptance of the previous meeting's minutes
until next meeting, to give people time to find and review (and recall!) the
last meeting from about one year ago.

Meeting facilities
The first obstacle to be overcome in trying to rescuscitate the SC is to
find a convenient online meeting facility, with VoIP and screen sharing.

FreeConferenceCall is an option, and seems to work well. There may be some
toll charges. Web site: http://www.freeconferencecall.com/

Skype premium package might work, but we may be too many in number to fit
within the sharing limit.

Scott has GoToMeeting, and would be able to host the SC meetings if he
rejoins OASIS (which he is considering).
Paul suggested Lync, a Microsoft meeting service, and he might have access
to a suitable account.

Action Item: We should test these services, an in particular see if they
will work on Ian's non-Windows Linux machine (perhaps via Wine emulator if
required). Testing to be conducted off-line before next meeting.

Discussion of remaining tasks for DHSC

We currently have one proposal up for DITA 1.3. It is at Stage 2, but needs
to be progressed to Stage 3. This involves some review work, and re-drafting
of the proposal using a Stage 2 template. This proposal refers to windows
management. A second proposal, on context hooks, may have been superseded by
other changes around resourceid suggested by Robert Anderson. The SC should
review this resourceid proposal to ensure it meets the use cases in the
original DHSC context hook proposal. Robert's proposal is at
Progress on 1.3 proposals is recorded on Wiki
(https://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/DITA%201.3). The TC is now using Trello
boards instead of Wiki pages for proposal management.

Action Item: We will need to meet a few more times to complete the Stage 2
Template for the window management proposal, and to ensure that the
resourceid proposal addresses the needs of Help authors.

Regarding further work of the DHSC beyond these 1.3 proposals, Paul
suggested we look at touch and voice and positioning (co-ordinates) as new
concepts that need to be supported by DITA. For example, commands as an
extension of index keywords. Perhaps we could get Joe Welinske involved with
discussions in this regard. Scott added that "HTML5" (in the broadest sense)
might be another thing to pursue. It was thought unlikely that we would be
able to complete this work in time for 1.3, but to be sure we should
investigate how far away 1.3 and 1.4 are, and make a decision at that point.

Paul, Tony, Chris, Ian are interested in committing to further DHSC work.
Scott needs to give it more thought.

Action Item: We need to provide the TC with an estimated time to progress
the Stage 2 proposal to Stage 3.
Other Matters
Chris asked about the future of the DITA Adoption Help SC (DAHSC) and the
DITA Help Technologies Guide (DHTG). We will consider the possibility of
bringing the DHTG back into Help SC rather than Adoption Help SC, and there
may be no further need for the DAHSC.

Action Item: Add an agenda item for the next meeting to decide whether to
bring the DHTG into the DHSC and discontinue the DAHSC. (Sorry about the MAI
- Multiple Acronymns and Initialisms.)

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the DHSC is proposed for 22 April.
Meeting Closed at 4.50 pm US EST.

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