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Subject: DHSC Minutes: 04-22-2013

     OASIS DITA Help Subcommittee
           April 22, 2013

Attendees: Tony Self (chair), Scott Prentice, Ian Balanza-Davis, Stan Doherty
Regrets: Chris Goolsby, Mark Poston

The meeting came to order at 4:20PM/EST.

A. Minutes
   - April 30, 2012: Reviewed and approved
   - April 02, 2013: Reviewed and approved
B. DITA 1.3 Proposal #13060 (Window Placement Metadata)
   - The SC continued its review of its proposed DITA 1.3 feature for 
     specifying initial placement of a CSH window. 
   - Relative to Robert Anderson's Proposal 13008 (@appid for 
     <resourceid), the SC concluded that Robert's proposal 
     would not satisfy the following Help SC requirements 
     as specified in #13060:
     > Initial window mode (separate attribute required)
     > Initial window placement coordinates (absolute on the
       desktop or relative to the parent product window).
   - Conclusion: The HelpSC needs to continue its development
     and specification of #13060 as a distinct DITA 1.3 feature.
   - AI/Tony: Summarize the issues and send to the HelpSC list for
     review/discussion before the next HelpSC meeting (May 13).
   - AI/SC: Research how other HATs allow you to specify window
     placement attributes. 

C. Next Meeting:
   - Monday, May 13 at 04:30PM/EST.

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