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Subject: Meeting Today

Greetings all

It looks lke I got my times all mixed up, and didn't start the meeting until
2 hours after it was due to start. I am in the UK, and calculated that the
start time was 11 pm my time. I now see it should have been 9 pm my time. So
sorry about that.

We use the same Adobe Connect session each time, so that's why it was
reporting the meeting (last meeting) had ended.

Would we be able to try again next week, when I will be back in Australia?
And at 4.30 pm US EST time, rather than 4 pm?

So sorry about this. For once, the meeting would have been in a suitable
time zone, but it looks like I've messed it up. I am in the UK for two more
nights, but they will be difficult for me, and it will be very short notice
for everyone else.

Tony Self

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