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Subject: Draft Stage 3 Proposal for 13061

Greetings colleagues

I have completed the first cut of the second Stage 3 Proposal document, for
Proposal 13061 (the ua-window element), and have attached it here in DITA
and HTML forms.

Would you please read through this document and see if I have correctly
translated the proposal from its earlier incarnation as a Stage 2 proposal
proposal-uawindow_13061.html)?  I am concerned about whether I have got the
DTD and specification sections correct, so can you please pay particular
attention to those? 


Tony Self
Chair, OASIS DITA Help Subcommittee

Title: Stage 3 proposal: Feature #13061

Stage 3 proposal: Feature #13061

Allow window and viewport specifications for display of output content to be defined in the ditamap.


This proposal was developed and championed by the DITA Help Subcommittee, under the direction of Tony Self and Stan Doherty.

Tracking information

Event Date Links
Stage 1 proposal accepted 2 August 2011 Minutes
Stage 2 proposal submitted 31 July 2013 HTML, DITA
Stage 2 proposal discussed 13 August 2013 Minutes
Stage 2 proposal approved 20 August 2013 Minutes
Stage 3 proposal submitted to reviewers 18 October 2013 DHSC
Stage 3 proposal (this document) submitted    

Approved technical requirements

If implemented as a specialization, new DTD/Schema files and alterations to the topic shells would be required. Toolkit implementations need to modify the map2hhp and similar collection (book) level transforms. A related new ua-context element with a ua-window attribute would be required (see the separate proposed feature 13060). The features attribute is modelled on the _javascript_ window.Open method parameters.

Dependencies or interrelated proposals

This proposal is dependent upon Proposal 13060 (enhancing the resourceid element, in which a @ua-window attribute references the window name).

Modified DTDs

<!ENTITY % ua-window      "ua-window"    >
<!ENTITY % map.content
                         (%anchor; |
                          %data.elements.incl; |
                          %navref; |
                          %reltable; |
                          %topicref;)* )"
<!ENTITY % ua-window.content "EMPTY" >
<!ENTITY % ua-window.attributes

Modified specification documentation

A new topic for the Specification will be required. The new topic in the Specification should be added at the end of the map section as


The <ua-window> represents a specification for a window or viewport in which an output user assistance topic or Web page may be displayed if referenced in the topic's or topicref's <resourceid> element.


- map/ua-window


In this example, a window with a name of csh is defined in the map, and that window name is later referenced in the <resourceid> element's @ua-window attribute.

<map title="Widget Help">
<ua-window id="fg23" name="csh" top="10" left="20" height="400" width="500" 
   features="status=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no" relative="true",
   full-screen="no" />
 <topicref href="" type="concept">
   <topicref href="" type="task" />
   <topicref href="" type="task" />
   <topicref href="" type="task">
       <resourceid id="ab43" appname="ua" 
          appid="5432" context-string="idh_fileedit" ua-window="csh" />


Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
name The value used to refer to this window definition. CDATA #REQUIRED Yes
top The top position of the window. CDATA #IMPLIED No
left The left position of the window. CDATA #IMPLIED No
height The height of the window. CDATA #IMPLIED No
width The width of the window. CDATA #IMPLIED No
on-top Indicates whether the window that stays on top of all windows on the desktop rather than staying on top of only the calling window. (yes | no) no No
features A list of other features (size, position, scrollbars, etc.) of the window. The string must not contain any blank space, each feature name and value must be separated by a comma. CDATA #IMPLIED No
relative Indicates whether the window dimensions are relative to the calling window, or are absolute positions. (yes | no) no No
full-screen Indicates whether the window should be displayed in a maximized state. (yes | no) no No
%id-atts; attributes        
%select-atts; attributes        

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