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Subject: Re: [dita-help] Review of Stage 3 Proposals

Hi all --

Just forwarding my email to Tony via the list -- my webmail client chokes on OASIS lists for some reason.


Hi Tony -- 
Mea culpa -- I have been heads-down this past week finishing a talk (DITA and HTML5 jumpstart) for Joe's WritersUA conference next week. 
What you have in the current Stage-3 documents is all good, but there quite a bit of additional material for the complete Stage-3 package (see outline below). Most of the missing material should be relatively easy to develop and I am able to make time this weekend+Monday+Tuesday to help with *.dtd, *.mod, *.ent, doc updates -- whatever. I can do a skypecall tonight (Thursday 07:30/EST or later) or tomorrow night to coordinate if you'd like. 
I have also attached a few of the submitted Stage-3 PDFs from TechComm or from other TC members. 
* proposal-13097-Troubleshooting_Stage3_08oct13.pdf: Bob Thomas' Stage-3 proposal for the new Troubleshooting 
  elements and topic. Perhaps the most complete of the set (including a plug-in). 

* Proposal_13102_ReleaseManagement_Stage3.pdf: Tom Chiak's Stage-3 proposal for the release management 
  domain. It may be decent model for <ua-window>. 
* Proposal_13008_resourceid_Stage3.pdf: Robert's @appid proposal for resourceid. Could be cloned in some sections 
  for 13060. 

* proposal-13035-xmldomain-stage-3.dita.pdf: Eliot's xmldomain proposal. A nice clean example of Stage-3 for a set of 
  new elements. Perhaps a model for <ua-window>. 

Sorry, again, to be late with this review. I'd be gald to help in whatever ways that I can this weekend. 
A. Stage-3 Proposal Template 
   1. Champion <section> 
   2. Tracking information <section> 
      - <ul> or (more often) a table with columns 
        of Event, Date, and Links 
      - (Optional) Link to available DITA-OT plug-in. 
   3. Approved technical requirements 
      - Text summary of what was approved in Stage-2 (changed 
        or added) by way of attributes, elements, or topics -- 
      - Table specifying the changes/additions and a brief 
        description of each item. 
   4. Dependencies or inter-related proposals: 
      - DITA 1.3 proposal # + one-line description 

B. Structural implementation 
   1. (If applicable) feature.dtd listing (with optional description or 
      commentary. Showing a specialized version of topic.dtd with 
      new elements integrated seems to be sufficient.   
   2. (If applicable) feature.mod listing (with optional description or 
   3. (If applicable) feature.ent listing (with optional description or 

C. Specification documentation 
   1. Changes to the Architectural Specification 
      - Overview description of the changes 
      - Ready-to-insert <sections> or topics 
      - One or more examples 
      - Topic-by-topic updates or additions to the ArchSpec 
   2. Changes to the Reference Spec 
      - Overview description of the changes 
      - Ready-to-insert <sections> or topics 
      - One or more examples 
      - Attributes table (no fancy xrefs a la the current spec) 
      - Topic-by-topic updates or additions to the RefSpec 
        > Each new element gets a ref topic 
> On October 23, 2013 at 6:24 PM Tony Self <tself@hyperwrite.com> wrote: 
> Greetings colleagues 
> The deadline for the Stage 3 Proposals submission is looming, and I haven't 
> received any comments back yet. I think I will have to submit it as is in 
> the next couple of days if I don't hear anything further, so I hope it is 
> essentially correct! 
> Regards 
> Tony Self 

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