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Subject: Proposed Attribute Name Change in Proposal 13060

Greeting colleagues

In the review of the Stage 3 Proposal for 13060 - expansion of resourceid
with context hook metadata, a possible confusion was highlighted in that we
have a proposing an map element called ua-window (in 13061), and then a
topicmeta attribute of ua-window in 13060 to reference the map element. 

To avoid this confusion, it seems to be prudent to change the attribute name
that references the ua-window to ua-windowref. This follows similar
referencing notations such as <keys> and @keyref, and @conref.

This change was discussed in the previous e-mail thread (Feedback on latest
13060/13061 Stage-3 Proposals), but because it was buried in long
discussion, and due to its relative importance, I've highlighted the
proposed change here.

I don't think this change should be very controversial, but if you have
issues, of course please raise them now!


Tony Self
Chair - OASIS DITA Help Subcommittee 

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