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Subject: DHSC Meeting Minutes: 03-17-2014

           DITA Help Subcommittee
               March 17, 2014
Attendees: Tony Self (chair), Stan Doherty

Minutes: No minutes to review

1. DITA Adoption Help SC: Initiatives

   a. Retire the DHTG
      - The sentiment of the SC is that the DHTG is simply
        too large to be supported by a small group of
        volunteer SC members. Breaking it up into more
        timely, more bite-size whitepapers make sense.

   b. Develop 2014 Whitepapers 
      - Chris Goolsby is on board to write a whitepaper
        on the new DITA 1.3 Help features

   c. Research other forms of user assistance beyond
      stand-alone tripane Help browsers:
      - video
      - community discussion
      - overlays
      - embedded Help
      AI/Tony: Contact Joe Welinski to ask whether
      he would be open to adding questions about 
      alternative Help to his next survey.

   d. Liaise with tools vendors to generate support for the 
      new features.

   e. Consider webinars as a promotion ad education 

   f. Engage CCMS vendors regarding support for portal
      Help features.
      - dynamic content delivery would be the sweet spot

2. Next meeting:
   - Tuesday, April 8 -- 04:30PM/EST

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