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Subject: some links about SCORM

Hi DITA learning specialization specialists -

Here's a quick pull together on some links related to SCORM and how it relates to learning objects and structured reusable content.

Tyde Richards of EduWorks and the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee, and with a long involvement in learning standards and SCORM, will join us for our telecon on 9/28 and help us make some sense of all this in relation to structured content for learning.

Introduction to SCORM for Instructional Designers -

See Slide 6 and supporting slides for an overview of the core elements of SCORM:
- The Content Aggregation Model (CAM) provides content packaging, metadata (LOM), and sequencing information
- The Run-Time Environment specifies APIs and other requirements for a SCORM-compliant learning-management system (LMS)
- Sequencing and Navigation specification (IMS)

Two-minute SCORM overview for developers - Technical details on SCORM implementation for developers.

Learning objects and SCORM intro from EduWorks -

Readable overview about SCORM, from Randall House Associates

SCORM In Practice - presentation with pretty good introduction to SCORM in slides 6-15

A (rather lengthy) powerpoint presentation on SCORM intro; be sure to view in Screenshow mode, if possible.

SCORM spec on sequencing - includes information about information types used for learning content.

Introduction to SCORM Content Structure - An interactive course-like introduction, replete with a quiz.

SCORM 2004 Documentation set - HUGE -


John Hunt
IBM DITA Learning Architect
WPLC Education Development

IBM Software Group/Lotus Software

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