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Subject: Excellent SCORM overview

Hello DITA learning SC -

I'm going back to the source on SCORM - the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) web site, at - http://www.adlnet.gov.

The SCORM 2004 3rd Edition Documentation Suite public draft contains a set of PDFs, including a relatively brief SCORM_2004_Overview.pdf.

This zip download is available from the ADL web site here - http://www.adlnet.gov/downloads/files/290.cfm.

The content in the Overview clocks in at a mere 19 PDF pages and provides a brief history of the roots of SCORM, infor about the basic approach and "ilities," and a very good overview of the basics of a SCORM LMS and its potential components.

Basically, the SCORM specification describes the following:
- a Content Aggregation Model (CAM), which specifies the assembling, labeling, and packaging of learning content for SCORM.
- a Run-Time Environment (RTE), which specifies the API and other methods used to launch content, communicate, track, and transfer learning data to and from the LMS.
- Sequencing and Navigation (SN), which describes sequencing and navigation characteristics, including Activity Tree, Learning Activitiies, and how to assemble content in the manifest to support them.

Well worth a read.

John Hunt
Chair, OASIS DITA TC subcommittee on learning and training content specialization

WPLC Education Development
IBM Software Group/Lotus Software

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