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Subject: Re: comments about the Learning Design topic design


I just wanted to post some preliminary thoughts about the presentation last Thursday. First I was amazed at the amount of detail and clearly the amount of effort that went into putting that outline together. I think there's alot to work with and consider.

Echoing some of John's thoughts, there seemed to be a clear overlap in some areas between the topic type and existing metadata as well as potential metadata to consider. Perhaps a course of action is to first define the metadata that we know needs to be available and then sort through the table and eliminate any duplicates.

During the presentation we discussed the use of this topic type and from what I understood, this topic type was going to be applied by users mainly as an internal document that would never be seen by a 'client'. From everyone else's perspective is this accurate? My question here would be was that part of the original plan (sorry to ask the question, but I joined the group a little later)?

The last observation I have is that there are elements that have been introduced here that I believe are valuable semantics for marking up content. That being the case, if this topic type is to be used 'internally' then should we place some of the elements that might be valuable for external clients and put them in some of the other topic types?

Those are my thoughts....

Reuben Tozman

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