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Subject: problem w/ learningMap

This is a follow-up to an issue I mentioned in today's call.

I'm still learning the learning specialization, so I may be misapplying something.

As background, I'm drafting an XSLT to go from an Open University XML (OU.xml) format to the DITA learning specialization. I'm using
this set of the DITA 1.2 draft schemas:

The OU.xml content that I'm starting with is quite "deep" in the way it is structured. It basically looks like so:

---Section (3 in my test instance)

In looking at the various options available in the learning map schemas, my best guess is that I'm going to need to nest at least
one learningGroup within another. I also base this on the following line found from a Readme: "A learningGroup can contain other
learningGroup elements, allowing you to organize learning content at course, module, or other higher-levels of hierarchy."

Below is what I've come up with. This is valid, but I'm guessing not quite right - For some reason learningGroup doesn't seem to be
available where I'd expect to find it under "map". I'm working with this using Oxygen 9.3 Enterprise.

Am I misapplying the schema? Is this a bug? Any advice/suggestions are appreciated.

<?xml version="1.1" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<learningGroup xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance";
   <learningOverviewRef href="Overview1.1.xml"/>

      <learningOverviewRef href="section1.1.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.1.1.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.1.2.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.1.3.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.1.4.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.1.5.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.1.6.xml"/>
      <learningOverviewRef href="section1.2.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.2.1.xml"/>
      <learningOverviewRef href="section1.3.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.3.1.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.3.2.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.3.3.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.3.4.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.3.5.xml"/>
         <learningContentRef href="subSection1.3.6.xml"/>

Chuck Allen

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